If stress is holding you back, we welcome you here


Our Destress for Life program is the first of its kind. The Program is appropriate for anyone needing to begin managing the stress in their lives. Whether you suffer from Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, personal or marital issues, or just daily unmanageable burn out, our Program will help you.

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DeStress for Life Program

Our Goal

The DeStress for Life Program at Hotel Villas Gaia was designed to personally assist you as you transition to a more balanced, manageable lifestyle. We want you to begin to live a healthy, more vibrant life. Our goal is to help you understand and pursue your life’s meaning with greater clarity and vitality.

Our Approach

What makes us different is that we offer an educational approach. That, combined with unique stress relieving and fun activities that only Costa Rica can offer, will start you on your journey of wellness. The educational component includes daily morning seminars, group breakout sessions, and individual counseling. All will assist you in making long term changes in dealing with stress. You will learn how to better manage and alleviate stress, and improve the quality and wellbeing of your life.

Program Inclusions

From your arrival at the airport in San Jose, Costa Rica through your departure after 15 days, we offer you an all inclusive package of:

•    Daily three hour educational learning seminars, formal group discussions and
     individual counseling by our psychologist 
•    Yoga practice, meditation exercises, and breath work by our yoga professionals 
•    Relaxing private massages once each week
•    Interesting guest speakers from our community 
•    One dedicated and experienced team of professionals focused exclusively on you
•    Pre-arrival communication with our psychologist to begin focusing on your personal needs
     and goals
•    Post-program recommendations in designing your individual self-care plan
•    Daily activities such as, morning walks on our nearby beaches, nature hikes, zip lining,
     whale and dolphin tour, visiting waterfalls, boogie board lessons, cooking with the locals
     and much more

Meet the team 

Psychologist, Lin Nicolas, PhD, MBA
Dr. Nicolas is an experienced and dedicated professional. She has over 30 years of experience in healthcare, as a clinician in private practice, and in executive business administration. You will find her to be highly accessible and focused on positive change.

Jeff Olson, MA, Human Development
Jeff is a balanced and intuitive trainer and relation­ship specialist with specializations in psychological health, progressive education and holistic self-development.

A relaxing environment

Where best to handle stress related problems than in a country with a national motto of pura vida or pure life and in our family owned Hotel Villas Gaia, situated in one of the most bio diverse regions of the world on the southwest coast of Costa Rica.
Included in the Program is an individual private room or bungalow in Hotel Villas Gaia and all meals from our famous and healthy cuisine. Enjoy the beautiful views over the Pacific Ocean from the swimming pool and the nature surrounding you. 

Program information

Groups from 10 to a maximum of 14 participants to assure you the professional attention you need.

Contact us for Program dates and prices.

Mail    info@destressforlife.com
Tel.    +011 506.8514.0924