Hotel Villas Gaia is a sustainable operated hotel, strongly committed to preserving our natural heritage, promoting local community projects and practicing responsible tourism by taking steps to reduce our impact on the environment *). See also our policies of environmental and social practices.

Since 8 years we have been participating actively in the Certification program for Sustainable Tourism (CST), a program of the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT = Instituto Costarricense de Turismo). We are proud to be rewarded with 4 leaves for our sustainable practice (out of a maximum of 5 leaves, showing that we are able to convert the sustainable concept into something real, practical and necessary. For more information about the CST program, visit:


* Hot water provided by solar panels only * Using LED and other saving bulbs * Use of biodegradable soaps and detergents * Air dry our laundry with maximum use of solar drying instead of tumble dryer * 100 % local staff * Purchasing 90% of food supplies from local businesses * Purchasing fresh food supplies from local farmers, favoring those who produce organically * Involvement with the community on sustainable development *


The experience of ´transforming´ our Hotel Villas Gaia into a sustainable hotel is motivating. We promote an active participation in this process with our guests. Hereby some examples of how you could participate in our efforts:


Support the Corcovado Foundation, a hands-on, down to earth local leader in conservation ( with a voluntary donation of US$ 1 per night stay, contributing through your support the Corcovado Foundation will be able to maintain their programs in Osa, such as the recycling network, the turtle conservation project, the environmental education program and the important support to the ministry of environment in the Osa Peninsula.


You can make a difference also for the Reserva Playa Tortuga, a non-profit biological research and education center formed in 2009 and located 300 meters south of the hotel,  with walking their Nature Trail, learning about the turtle project at the beach of Tortuga and /or contributing directly to their educational program for the schools in our area,


Walk the OJOCHE ROUTE in the village of Ojochal, and learn about the efforts of the community to reintroduce the famous Maya Ojoche tree and produce foods with the seeds of the tree, known for its health benefits. You can buy the flour of the ojoche directly from families involved in the project or at the hotel as participant in the project. Earnings go to a Green Fund, administered by the local women’s group Association de Mujeres Ojochal (AMO) - Facebook ´Ojoche project´ / ‘Asociación Mujeres emprendedoras de Ojochal, AMO’


Contribute directly to the development of sustainable rural tourism in our community. For example with doing a boat tour to Isla Garza or the mangroves with captain Santos and his wife. Just as a ferry costs US$ 5 pp. or with a lunch included package US$ 15 pp. Another example would be a visit to the waterfall of the family Lopez in Ojochal. Or enjoy a ‘’cafecito’’ at Rancho Lalo and learn about organic farming.


Participate in our commitment to energy and resource conservation. 

Separating your garbage as we are recycling the organic and non-organic waste of the hotel!  We offer garbage separation in the rooms as well as at the entrance of the hotel.

Thanks to our Campaign for the saving of water, electricity and solid waste, during the year 2012 Hotel Villas Gaia saved an 8% in water and 8.2% in electricity and moved in to reducing the amount to solid waste when compared to the year 2011. Without a doubt, this is a success in our efforts to protect the environment. For that reason, during this year 2013 and 2014 we have set a goal to save 10% in water and electric use and 5% decrease of solid waste.


Eating in our restaurant is not only very delicious, but with it, you support indirectly  farmers,  fisherman and local business of our area as we buy directly from local providers and give our preference to foods produced locally, preferably organic.

Be part of the experience!


All ideas and comments are highly welcomed. We appreciate your support!

It is a pleasure to share our efforts with you!
Team ProVerde Gaia